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[name of collection]: twenty words of Yuanbao, Guangxu, Hubu


[collection type]: Coins


[collection introduction]: with the increase of the growth rate of the art and antique industry, people have more and more ideas about art investment. As an art culture, collection culture has attracted the attention of many people. As for collectors and investors, the older the age, the better. Compared with jadeite, Nanhong, Wenwan and so on, which have been setting off a boom in the collection industry in recent years, the coin collection seems to have been tepid, but it also firmly occupies its own place and has its own supporters. The upsurge of cultural collection has also attracted more ordinary people to turn their investment vision to the coin collection market. Guangxu Yuanbao was therefore favored.



Guangxu Yuanbao was a special currency during the reign of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty. It has the characteristics of the currency of the Qing Dynasty. Due to the unstable situation at that time, there were special currency foundries in almost all provinces of the country. Therefore, we will find that the coins of that era have distinctive coinage, indicating which province Mint struck them.


In the Qing Dynasty, silver, paper and copper coins were issued in parallel. New silver dollars were issued during the Jiaqing period, while more gold and silver coins were minted during the Guangxu period. The westernization movement also affected the coinage industry. Zhang Zhidong, the governor of Guangdong and Guangdong, commissioned the British minister to order a complete set of coining machines in Britain in the 13th year of Guangxu (1887), and the first machine-made silver and copper dollars were cast in the Guangdong money Bureau. Later, all provinces followed suit and purchased foreign mechanical casting silver and copper dollars. Many mints, including the Sichuan money Bureau, were ordered from the famous Birmingham Mint in London, England. With the intervention of British big industry, silver coins were also stained with western color. The integration of Manchu and Han Cultures is rarely seen on the obverse of coins, while the coin back clearly indicates the involvement of western culture. It has a high collection value, and it is difficult to find a real coin in the market.



This 20 Wen coin of Guangxu Yuanbao in the Ministry of household has a natural paste, the money text is clear, the "Guangxu Yuanbao" in the circle is read directly from top to bottom, right to left, the words "Guangxu Yuanbao" and Manchu are cast outside the bead circle, and the words "20 Wen for each coin" are written on the lower edge of the bead circle. On the back of this Guangxu Yuanbao, a flying dragon is cast in the center, the upper edge is marked with "Szechuen, provide", the lower edge is marked with an English age value of 20cash, and the central dragon soars, Surround it from top to left and right. The faucet is placed on, the bridge of the nose is raised, the eyes are bright, the dragon pattern is fine, and the fireball is below. The design is round and convex, with a sense of three-dimensional sculpture.



Guangxu Yuanbao bears the social background and cultural characteristics of an era and is deeply influenced by history. Guangxu Yuanbao has been a major category in China's coin collection market since ancient times. Its coins have obvious monetary characteristics of the Qing Dynasty. Guangxu Yuanbao of different editions have their own charm. Collection prices are also quite potential. Guangxu Yuanbao is a large category of coin collection, which has always been concerned by many collectors. According to insiders, the most important factor determining the value of ancient coins is the amount of coins that survive. In the field of antique collection, "rare things are more expensive" is a constant law, which is applicable to almost any collection. In addition, to measure the value of an ancient coin, the appearance of an ancient coin is also very important, in addition to its cultural connotation and amount of existence. In the field of collection, appearance is regarded as "the life of collection". According to the survey data, at present, more than 6% of people in China are investing in the art industry. Coin collection investment is one of the major categories, accounting for the majority of art investment buyers. Because of its high value preservation ability, it can create huge wealth for investors, and it is also a symbol of identity, status and taste. This coin is exquisite in copper, good in color, exquisite in appearance and well preserved. It is really a treasure in the coin. Twenty Wen is even scarcer and has high collection and investment value in the market.

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